Saturday, February 27, 2010

Getting from here to there

Today we travelled to Tullamarine Airport to meet Gemma, home after 12 months. Her plane came in 40 minutes early but we still had to wait quite a while as she went through quarantine. Just as well we can fill in the time by people-watching. I don't know how people cope with long delays and cancellations. We'll be back at the airport in just over a week.

I've been checking web pages to plan the best route to travel from Heathrow to our hotel near Hyde Park in London. One called was good, and I found one that is great for planning walking routes It appears that a) we have to change trains three times or b) we walk the last km or more with our bags and wheely cases or 3) catch a cab for the last little bit and pay the price. I think we'll opt for the latter because we're arriving at peak hour.

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