Thursday, September 3, 2015

Zurich, again and finally

Our last day before we head home, we're back in Zurich.

We decided we should see one of Zurich's galleries or museums before we leave so we chose the Gestaltung Zurich, the Museum of Design. It was a good choice. The Museum is actually in a temporary space but it was still very elegent and stylish and we went on a tour of their 'behind-the-scenes' collection because nothing is actually on display at the moment. So we saw rooms dedicated to collections of stylish chairs, office furniture, graphic posters, childrens' games, logos, refrigerators and so on. All in controlled conditions and carefully catalogued.

There was also an exhibition of the photographs of Steve McCurry who worked in the Middle East. His most famous photo is 'Afghan Girl', the girl with green eyes.  Here's Gemma standing in front of the photograph.

We then went for a last wander through the city and along the Limmat River.

As part of the Summer Festival the Urania Buildingg has developed Spock ears.

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