Monday, May 3, 2010

A day in Basel

After a week of beautifully warm and fine weather the rain has arrived and hasn't stopped for two days, with more to come. It's more normal we're told.

When Glenn and Sarah first started living in Switzerland they lived in Basel and yesterday we all went there for the day -it's an hour's train trip from Zurich. The Rhine River flows through the centre of town and if you stood at the right spot you could see both Germany and France. The old medieval town was a delight to explore.


  1. That was definitely not the Murray river in your first photo. I hope that wasn't Phil sitting on the corner of the stone wall!

    Cheers Kamil

  2. With the inclement weather does this mean a bad case of Basel Nasal?
    You need to build up your fat reserves to stave off the cold. The greasy Bratwurst they serve at the Zurich Railway station or at the Sausage shop on Niederdorfstrasse 37 should do the trick. .

    Slightly dark lamb of Warrandyte.