Saturday, May 8, 2010

Today we arrived home

Our plane landed this morning at Tullamarine half an hour early, luggage was unloaded promptly and we zipped through customs in no time so we thought we'd have to wait for our friends, the Triggs, who had offered to meet us. So it was a lovely surprise to see them as soon as we walked through the door.

We're home but not really functioning on all cylinders today - it was a long flight home, with only a two-hour break at Incheon Airport in Korea. We're very sluggish and trying to stay awake until tonight so we can get our body clocks back into the right time zone.

So this is the final update to 'Boobook explores Europe'. I've had fun doing the blog and thanks for all your comments along the way.


  1. What a wonderful journey have had. I have very much enjoyed 'travelling' along with you!

  2. I have just been scrolling through this blog. I love to see your impressions of Switzerland. WE used to regularly visit Switzerland when my inlaws were still alive. My husband comes from Thun in the Bern region. Actually at the other end of Thunersee where you were at Interlaken. I also loved the village museum and the Bernese Alps. The transport system in Switzerland has to be experienced to be believed. We have travelled all over the country by trains. They are fabulous. Can you imagine my husband's dismay when we travelled on the Indian Pacific and it was delayed for 2 hours apart from the rocking and the noise. I did warn him but he insisted. Luckily we only went as far as Adelaide to Sydney. he was brave enough to try the Sunlander from Cairns to Brisabane but he enjoyed that. Hope you get to read this comment since it is on an older post/blog.