Thursday, May 6, 2010


We successfully managed to negotiate the very efficient rail system and did a day trip to Schaffhausen. (A lady assured me that when a train is scheduled to leave at 3.59 it leaves at 3.59. She was right.) Schaffhausen, on the Rhine River near the border with Germany, is yet another beautiful Swiss town and we really enjoyed exploring the narrow streets, the castle and the church and cloister. We followed a printed walking guide which was excellent.

And for those of you complaining that none of the photos I've put up on this blog are of me, here's the one and only.

Another reason for going to Schaffhausen was a waterfall. The Rhine Falls (Rheinfall in German) are quite close to the town and are the largest in Europe. They're only 23 m high but quite wide and the amount of water going over the falls is awesome and noisy. It's obligatory to go by boat to an island in front of the falls and climb to the top, so we did.


  1. Lorraine,
    Good to see you and Phil are alive and well after a 48 hour blog “black hole”.
    We are rather confused in our sleepy hamlet because we know a blog reader who shall remain nameless (Shelley BlackSheep) commented a while back that we only see “Lucky Phil but nothing of his other half”. We were astounded to see that you have finally succumbed with your “here’s the one and only”, however after scrutinising the images above and below the caption we are none the wiser.
    We can only surmise that you are either: in black, seated and hands behind your back, looking at the camera but pulling an absurd face, wearing a red jumper to merge with a Swiss flag or have shrunk in size to a kindergarten kid.

    As far as the other photo I assume some hacker has put in the offensive unclothed woman with a bucket (I have already notified the Federal Government’s compulsory internet filtering agency to block this site from further intimidatory images).
    If it is you the bust reduction and Jenny Craig diet have obviously worked.

    Safe Trip back over the next few days from your avid Blog readers.

    Black Sheep from the Yarra Valley

  2. thanks for the giggle mum
    dad i've been keeping your lawn in prime condition ready for you to mow when you get home.