Sunday, March 21, 2010


Farmstay B&Bs have proved to be the most interesting so far so we'll probably look for a few more along the way. Phil pokes around in the sheds and assesses the animals, chats to the farmer, looks at the state of the equipment and even has the front to ask the farmers whether they're the owners or leasing and what the land is worth!

We were rather late getting to the last one we stayed at - it was dark. We stopped in the village and discovered we had no phone reception to ask for further directions so had to drive around with the phone out the window until we got a connection. Then the instructions we received were based on local knowledge, but we got there.

The farmer on this particular farm was up all night attending to his housed lambing ewes - so different to way we do things. And their cattle, pigs and horses were also housed.



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