Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Old England

Glastonbury or Wells? We didn't have time to go to both and chose Glastonbury. I think Wells would have been a better choice. Glastonbury is a beautiful city, of course, with a really interesting abbey, old buildings and tor, but it's been taken over by the alternative lifestyle crowd. Crystals, herbals, dreadlocks. It would be worth seeking out the real Glastonbury.

And then we went to Bath. Stylish Bath. We were only there for an afternoon so we explored the Georgian architecture at the Circus and Royal Crescent.

We also went into the Assembly Rooms to see what Jane Austen had experienced. Phil was unimpressed by the Bath Chair - the rich guy sat in the chair and steered it, and the poor guy pushed it. We were amazed to read that the last Bath Chair man retired in 1942. 1942!! Gemma was recently in India and reluctantly hired a rickshaw, so we aren't far advanced. It was lovely to see lots of people enjoying the sunshine on the lawns in front of the Crescent.

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