Friday, March 12, 2010

London (via Incheon)

We've been in London 24 hours and I still haven't got over the excitement of seeing the Monopoly board for real. We've walked up Regent Street, shopped in Oxford Street and got caught up in the lunch crowd at Pall Mall. Haven't seen Old Kent Road yet.

They changed the guard at Buckingham Palace and we went to have a look, along with a few other tourists. I loved the good humour of the crowd controllers. "Schnell, schnell please" I heard one say. It was very cold but almost sunny. At Incheon in Korea, where we stayed one night on the way over, we were delighted to wake up to a snow-covered landscape. This is the view from the window of our hotel there.

This morning we had breakfast in a little nook at our hotel overlooking Hyde Park and walked through the park to get to Buck House. And we've taken the self-guided tour of the wonderful Wesminster Abbey. My feet are sore.

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