Saturday, March 27, 2010

Oundle and Great Gidding

Nan's grandmother, Mary Ann Andrew, was just a child when her parents and grandparents decided to move to Australia. She had just had the measles and had to get a doctor's certificate to say she was OK to travel. (The original certificate is in the Pyramid Hill museum). Her father, John Andrew, born in Great Gidding, was a baker. He married Rhoda Wade in Oundle, her home parish. They lived in North St, Oundle before they moved to Australia in 1856 where they became farmers at Inverleigh and Central Mologa. I don't think North Street has changed much since they were there. All the houses front straight onto the long street near the centre of town.

Great Gidding is smaller. This is the view from the church porch, and also one of the delightful cottages in the main street. John Andrew's parents, John and Susannah, lived in Great Gidding and migrated to Australia at the same time as John and Rhoda. John (senior) is buried at Durham Ox and Susannah at Inverleigh.

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  1. Great Gidding is about 3 miles cross country from Caldecote where my mother's Tansey family came from.