Sunday, August 30, 2015

Dordogne, France (Part 1)

A day in the Dordogne region in south-west France. Chateaus, castles, beautiful rivers, delightful villages and paleolithic cave paintings. A real feast for the eyes.

We toured one of the caves still open to the public, just south of Montignac. The paintings in the cave are black only, unlike the most famous coloured ones at Lascaux nearby, but they were still very impressive. I was also very surprised that very deep in the were sleeping nests of cave bears who occupied the caves before man arrived on the scene. The large bears scarped out a hollow with sides about 30 cm high in the clay floor of the cave before settling in for a period of hibernation. The floors were covered in the 'nests'.

A village we passed through on the way down to Dordogne.

Our hotel at Saint-Suzy
Foie gras (liver of duck or goose that has been specially fattened) is a
speciality of the area. It was on every menu.

We met these two locals who were happy to show us the fungi they had just harvested in the forest.

The creperie where we had lunch. Their creme fraiche was extra special.
Village market place

Yes, I climbed up to the castle.
We love the water fountains, although this one is non potable
so we couldn't fill up our water bottles.

She was harvesting grapes and gave us a bunch.
(to be continued)

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