Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Mount Pilatus

Finally I have a few minutes to blog. We've been so busy and little access to internet. We've been travelling with my son and his partner over the weekend and they are younger and fitter than me and it's been go, go, go - mostly up hills. Everywhere we go involves a walk up hill or stairs! I huff and puff a lot, Gemma enjoys every minute.

View from Mt Pilatus near Lucerne

 On our second day in Switzerland we went by train to Lucerne. The weather forecast we for rain and we wanted to go to the top of Mount Pilatus so we were keeping our fingers crossed that it would clear.

To get to the top of the mountain is easy and there are several options. We chose to go by local train to Alpnachstad then up the mountain on a cog rail train. There are several restuarants and vewing areas at the top. Then we came came half way down via cable car. Gemma walked down to a bus stop near Lucerne while I took a cable car down the rest of the way and explored old Lucerne while I waited for her.

We were very lucky because the weather was clear while we were at the top.

Cog rail, Alpnachstad

Cows, with bells, in the high pasture. We could hear then from the top of the mountain.

The clouds arrived just as we started to descend.

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