Thursday, August 27, 2015

Strasbourg, France

It was already evening when we went in to Strasbourg for dinner so we were wanding the city quite late. The delicate cathedral dominates the streetscape no matter what street or lane you happen to be in.

Strasbourg and the cathedral
We chanced on a very good concert band playing in one of the squares and joined the crowd to listen for a while.

Then we noticed people heading in one direction so decided to follow to see what was going on. We all (thousands of people) stood in the open area around the cathedral for a while - we had no idea why - and then the lights illuminating the cathedral went out and a half hour of laser artistry began. It was an astonishing creation, lights, moving pictures, shapes, colours and history all carefully choreographed to music and the shape of the cathedral. We found out later that it was to celebrate 1000 years years of the history of the cathedral. My photos can't do justice to how beautiful it was.

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  1. Wow how lucky. That's the best way to travel with no plans and chancing on amazing sights xx