Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ash clouds

The ash cloud has had a huge effect on travellers in Europe, but we travelled to Dublin by ferry a day before the eruption. Apparently the ferries are all fully booked this week! We leave Ireland by air to Zurich on Wednesday next so hopefully either the mountain stops erupting or the winds blow in a different direction before then.


  1. Hi Phil & Lorraine.
    Considering the small area of grass in your backyard, I'd have to mow it many times, before I could ask you to mow ours, not to forget to include a degree of difficulty, mowing on our sloped land.....when did you say you could mow ours?...Na, there is no need to take a valium.

    Lorraine, I have been impressed with all the clear photos. Ah, there's nothing that can beat a quality camera. Just wanted to know if they have any trees in Britain?

    I meant to say before, that I was also very impressed with your neat handwriting on the postcard,Phil.

    I'm feeling tired today, as I had a full teaching load yesterday and then the school had their Open Day from 4 to 7.30 p.m. I think, I'll take a nap! Maybe later, we'll take the dogs for a walk and Pam can push me in the pram.

    Cheers Kamil

  2. Mum I just checked your itinerary and you fly out in 2 days! Have you booked a spot on the ferry just in case!!!
    We had a lovely day at the Reynolds on Saturday, Tess and Shelly had cooked up a storm :) and Stephen didn't look a day over 70! :)