Friday, April 16, 2010

Dublin, a fair city

A couple of photos to prove that we've been to Dublin. Much of what we did in our day there couldn't be captured on camera. We wandered the main streets absorbing the busy atmosphere of a vibrant city.

A highlight was when we went to see the Book of Kells and other treasures at the Trinity Library. And treasures they certainly are. The skill involved in producing each stage and page of something like the Book of Kells is astonishing, and to think that it and other books have survived is astonishing. And the scale of the detail!! I hadn't realised how small and detailed the images are and the size of the writing. How did they see what they were doing without magnifying glasses?

I was really impressed with the cheap bicycle system - users pay a small fee annually to use a bicycle to get around the city and return it to any of the bicycle stations. Fantastic idea. No helmets though, which makes it easier to operate - don't know how it would work in Melbourne.

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