Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Royal Mile

The power went overnight at our B&B, along with thousands of other homes in Scotland, and we woke to a snow-covered landscape. We were intending to stay another night there but decided to move into Edinburgh rather than stay out in the country.

We spent the day exploring the Royal Mile in Edinburgh. Phil's ancestors, the Yeamans, lived in the Canongate end in the early 1800s where Charles worked as a shoemaker. One of the museums told the story of the people that lived in that area - the crowding, health problems, unemployment, the establishment of unions to negotiate better working conditions. We could imagine our family lived in the cramped conditions. They certainly did well after they migrated to Victoria in 1841. (They nearly didn't make it though - their ship caught fire and all the passengers were rescued by a passing whaler.)

The castle was impressive and I found the stories about the royal jewels and stone of scone quite moving. Everywhere we've been we've followed Mary Queen of Scots, and here she was yet again. That lady got to see a lot of the UK as well, in her short life. It was bitterly cold but there were still lots of tourists about. Like us, this was their only chance to see everything probably! It was lovely to see views of Edinburgh  with the snow-covered hills as a backdrop, Arthurs Seat in particular.


  1. Is that down coat still sitting at home!!!!!!!!
    By the way trains are off the list for you, what about churches & cemeteries for Phil! 27 in Melbourne on Monday. You were warned.

  2. I forgot, Happy Easter. I do remember going to the Orkneys for Easter & we left after work. If we left the next morning we wouldn't have made it as all roads were closed because of snow!!