Monday, April 5, 2010

Over the top

For all of our trip we have had the radio tuned to FM Classic because it's very calming music and allows conversation and Tom Tom instructions to be heard. The hosts of each session are knowledgeable and entertaining as well. For three weeks they have been promoting the Easter Special - listeners have voted for their favourite classical pieces and over Easter the top 300 have been played, starting at 300. No-one, not even the announcers, has been told the list order. Today we are down to the top 100 with one day to go so we have been listening to some excellent music as we travel the Scottish countryside the last three days. What piece will be number one? On Tuesday there will be an FM Classic magazine published which will detail all of the pieces and which have moved up or down the list compared with last year and information about composers and performers. I think I'll buy it.

All of the above is a preamble to say that as we travelled through the Cairngorms National Park, from the Dee Valley and over the the Grampians Mountains to Inverness, we were listening to FM Classic all the way and it seemed to perfectly match the stunning beauty of the landscape covered in snow. It was a bright sunny day and very calm so we didn't feel cold at all.

The road passes the Lecht snowfield so we sat in our car in the carpark and ate our lunch while we watched the snowboarders and skiers and listened to Bach and Mozart.

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