Thursday, April 29, 2010


On Monday morning we bought day tickets (8 Ch, all day on all types of transport), went into Zurich city centre by tram and walked the streets of the old town. It took us all day to explore a few of the delightful old laneways on the east bank of the Limmat River and several on the west bank. There were surprises around every corner and I loved it all.

One lane opened onto a garden and I noticed a sign on one of the houses (above) stating that Lenin lived in the house in 1916/1917. Last night I read on the internet that his wife mentioned in her memoirs that they couldn't open the windows during the day because of the smell from the sausage factory nearby. It was all very pleasant when we were there. There were a lot of other plaques for important people elsewhere as well but I didn't recognise any of the names.

The first photo above was taken from a garden on the west bank called Lindenhof. Men were playing chess and petanque under the lime trees and because it's on a hill the view is magnificent.

As we walked back home from the tramstop we noticed a little Mercedes smart car parked very smartly. And see how you're allowed to park both ways in Europe? Why don't we do that in Aus?


  1. Phil and Lorraine,
    We enjoyed the laneways and shops of the Zurich old quarter. We were also mesmerised by the plethora of architectural styles, colours, balconies shops/galleries and eateries.
    Apart from all the cigarette butts scattered on the road in prolific numbers at all the tram stops the city was extremely clean (some would say sterile and cold like the Swiss but a lot of charm and a photographer's delight)

    Keep on blogging.
    Black Sheep of Warrandyte

  2. Zurich looks a little different now Lorraine as we only saw the Chess board covered in snow.
    Keep having fun. Travel overseas isn't too bad is it Phil!!!!!!